The counters above may have caught your attention. Have we placed them there as a dire warning? No. Whereas some people see this type of message as another example of conservationists' doom-and-gloom attitude, we take the realistic approach that these counters are simply a statement of fact. As the world's population increases, more resources will be required. This unfortunately results in fewer acres of pristine habitat of all types.

The habitat type most endangered by increased resource exploitation is rainforest. Each minute an estimated 90 acres of rainforest are destroyed to fuel the growing needs of business and people worldwide. That is why monies distributed via SayreNature's Conservation Fund will primarily be directed toward purchase of rainforest habitat. Some of the funds will go toward other conservation initiatives and support of research projects.

Our goal is to facilitate the generation of one million dollars for SayreNature's Conservation Fund through Click4Nature shoppers! To be clear, the total is one million, usable dollars. By useable we mean that our goal is an after-tax, not pre-tax goal. As a for-profit corporation, we of course have to pay taxes on any profits. In our view, it is insincere to state a pre-tax goal. Therefore, it must be stated as an after-tax goal. Please help us reach that goal by beginning all your Internet shopping through Click4Nature.
Click4Nature officially launched on April 1, 2006 (that's no joke!). New results are typically reported at the end of each quarter. Last update: 6/10/2008

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