If you are a fan of Click4Nature and believe in our innovative approach to protecting the Earth while shopping, then we request your assistance in helping to spread the word about Click4Nature. There are two primary ways in which you can do this. We appreciate your support!

Help spread the word about Click4Nature.com
Do you have a weblog, website, your own podcast or vodcast? Help spread the word about Click4Nature's innovative approach to empowering shoppers to save the Earth by placing one or more of the banners below into your site. You don't have to worry about copying the banner. Just place the code that is displayed below each banner into your site's code. The code will actually request your chosen banner to be downloaded from our server whenever one of your viewers visits the page that you want the banner to appear on. It's that simple!

Small Click4Nature banner (120 x 90):
Small Click4Nature banner

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Large Click4Nature banner

Code for our small Click4Nature banner:

Code for our larger Click4Nature banner:

Click4Nature banner w/search box (122 x 224):

Code for our search banner:

Tell your friends about Click4Nature.com
You can also help us and the Earth by spreading the word about Click4Nature to all your friends, family, colleagues, enemies, congressmen and senators and ask them to support our efforts. Email then, call them, write them, or even shop with them via Click4Nature. Give them the Click4Nature.com web address and ask them to visit.

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